Blissful Buddha Massage


90 Minutes: $140

Experience the ultimate bliss of hot stone therapy, deep tissue massage and reflexology all woven into one delightful treatment.

Allow the heated stones to soften tense muscles and prepare them for satisfying deep tissue massage.

Reflexology is included in the treatment bringing deep relaxation and holistic care to all systems of the body.

This is a great session to experience focused work on your needs as well as deep overall relaxation leaving one as blissful as the Buddha.

Extra Special Add-Ins

Make any of our massages a little more special by adding something from our Extra Special Add-Ins Menu.

Hot Stones - $12.50
Face & Scalp Massage - $12.50
Exfoliating Foot Scrub - $12.50
Reflexology - $12.50
Muscle/Pain Relieving Salve - $20
CBD Recovery Cream - $20