It is my intention to use the professional knowledge and training I have acquired to empower others to be healthy and to feel their best.” —Brady Preyss

Sami’s sessions are heart centered, deep, slow and integrative catering to the clients needs in the present moment. She creates a safe space for clients to relax their nervous system and begin the process of unwinding old patterns in order to release both physical and emotional pain/ trauma stored in the body.

In 2009 Sami moved to Boulder, Colorado to deepen her studies in Forrest Yoga and Vipassana Meditation. Through these practices she began to develop awareness around the bodies intelligence and inherent wisdom to heal itself.

Craving more knowledge and education around the mind-body connection Sami moved to Kauai, HI in 2014 to study at the Pacific Center For Awareness and Bodywork. Here she studied Structural Integration, connective tissue massage, Swedish and Lomi Lomi. She learned to utilize tools of mindfulness in the container of bodywork and developed skills to communicate with her clients
around emotional expressions that often release during deep work.

Upon moving to Asheville in December 2016, Sami became a certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and learned how to incorporate more dynamic stretching into sessions.